Zog 19 is an alien from another planet who finds himself in the body of a farmer on Earth. Zog-19 His new identity as Mr. McGinty proves to be a trial due to the differences between life on Earth and Zog 19’s planet. The story is supposed to be a science fiction romance following Zog-19’s adaptation to human life on Earth without anyone becoming suspicious, while simultaneously figuring out how his mission will save the end of his planet in the future. However, the story is not well organized.

The concept of the story is creative and unique, but the layout of the story could be improved upon. It incorporate the past, present and future of more than one character, but it is presented in an order that leaves the reader in a daze of confusion. The flow is choppy at best, switching and alternating between time, planet and characters at what seem to be random moments. The story is told in a somewhat backward manner, to the point where the author even breaks down the wall the story has built and speaks directly to the confused reader, “Probably by this point you have questions. How is it possible to know what will happen to the Zogs in the year 2347? That might be one of the questions. Easy. The Zogs have seen the future. They have seen the past, too. They watch it the way we watch television. Zog science makes it possible.”. If the story can’t be read without help from the author, then the story needs revision to stand on it’s own.