“Well that wasn’t supposed to happen.” Will approached the house, carefully scanning the debris. He disappeared into what was left of the house, leaving James and Alex behind. If James was surprised, it didn’t show on his face. He gave an inaudible sigh and shifted his weight to his other foot, while Alex looked on in amazement.

“How on earth did she manage to do all this?” asked Alex as he picked up a piece of burnt wood at his feet.

“I mean, she’s just so small, but she blew the whole bloody house up.” James didn’t respond, he just stood there, assessing the damage and the possible excuses they could give to the police once they arrived, because they would surely arrive. Neighbors from nearly all the houses in the cold de sac were now in their lawns. Some were still in pajamas, others half dressed, clearly in a hurry to see all the commotion.

“How are we going to explain this one?” Alex asked as he noticed all the people that now stood in the street, staring at them with suspicious looks.

“We’ll tell them that Will blew up the house and we were just merely passing through.”Alex looked at James, but there was no sign of sarcasm.

“James we can’t just-“

“So shall we just tell the general public what really happened?” Alex lowered his head in silence.

“I knew letting Will keep that bloody dragon was a horrible idea, now we’ll have the law to deal with and not just the human law, might I add.” James stalked off into the remains of the house, Alex quietly stumbling along behind him. The explosion had done away with a great portion of the house. There were broken picture frames and glass amongst a great deal of the floor, which seemed to only add to the effect of James infuriating strides. The house had an odd structure about it, or so it seemed to Alex. All the rooms were cut off from one another and connected by what used to be a narrow hallway. They came across Will in what looked to be the remnants of a kitchen. Will emerged from a pile of wood holding a small curled up dragon. Its blue scales almost seemed to glow in the moonlight.

“You found him!” Alex said excitedly as he rushed over to see the sleeping dragon. Will took off his coat and wrapped the dragon up for warmth. He looked up at the sound of Alex’s shouting and running.

“God’s sake Alex, it’s a she. One of these days Mikoto bite your head off for such an insult.” Will laughed as he handed over the dragon to Alex. He brushed off all the ash that had collected on his pants and face from digging Mikoto out. James stood opposite them, serious faced and clearly upset.

“Or explode your house.” Said James in a serious tone that seemed to immediately dampen the light mood.

“Look, I didn’t think she’d come all the way out here. Last time I checked on her-“

“There shouldn’t be a last time William! She’s an outlawed animal even in our world! The mere fact that you owned her was breaking the law; the least you could have done was always have her in sight! I’m not doing damage control for you anymore; you’re figuring this one out on your own. And the dragon goes, tonight.” James’s face was flushed red. It was too dark to see, but Will could sense the bulging veins in his neck. Will knew James was right, but he protested anyway. They had always been at odds with one another, James and Will. James had always been more serious and focused in their up bringing, while Will had been more spontaneous and irresponsible. Even in the middle of the night, in a human suburb no less, they fought.

“You have no right, she’s my dragon! I found her, I hatched her, I keep her.” James paid Will’s argument no attention and looked past him at Alex, who was too rapped up in Mikoto to pay attention to the current events.

“Alex!” Alex looked up, slightly surpised to find himself in a now hostile environment.

“Umm…what’s happening?” Alex looked back and forth between either brother

“Take the dragon and go to headquarters.” Will turned to look at Alex, but it was too late, he disappeared with the dragon.