Wilt stopped at the foot of the bridge. He had never been one for thinking about his actions, but as he stood there on the bridge in the moon lit forest he began to second guess himself. Maybe he shouldn’t have made such a serious decision on a whim. All he had on him was the lint in his pocket, not even a map to get him through the forest let alone out of it. Wilt continued on the dirt road ahead of him. It seemed that no one had been down the path in quite a while. The snow ahead of him lay on the ground, pure and untouched, as he tainted it with his muddy soles. He watched the fog of his breath fade away as he inhaled the icy air. There was a sudden sound, causing Wilt to leap. He was glad to be alone in that moment, least he tarnish his tough guy facade. Standing in the middle of the path, he silently listened for the sound again. There it was. He headed off the path without hesitation, following the sound. It became more distinguishable as he got closer to the source. The sound of shovel hitting dirt. He stopped behind a tree as he came across a girl in a bright blue coat and rainbow scarf. The sound of digging brought back memories of his father’s funeral, but he tried to keep that memory at bay. Why was this girl digging in the middle of the night and in a forest no less? Maybe she just liked to dig.